In late 2015, tragically my then 31 year old nephew, Tobias (Toby) James Walker, committed suicide.  

This was the first ever suicide in our family. I was unable to attend his funeral in Melbourne, due to the distance involved and proximity to Christmas, soI wrote this Acrostic poem as a tribute to my sister Kerri’s second of three sons and third of four children. Writing the poem was very cathartic for me, and it was even more special knowing the poem was read out at his service.  This has provided me with some inner peace regarding the age-old question of: “Why?”.

Sadly for us, Toby is gone from earth. However, 5 of his organs were donated, with one being his heart, so he still beats on. Knowing that 5 fortunate people have been given a second chance at life has also made his death a little more tolerable.

We know you are now at peace. We love and miss you every day, Tobe!

RIP Tobias James Walker

~Pix Jonasson




23rd September 1984 – 18th December 2015


T     Toby to many, Tobias to some

O     Oh if you knew, how you were loved

B     Bloody stubborn, a determined kid

I      In youth and adulthood, you always did what you did

A     Amazing son, brother, nephew, cousin and Dad

S     So sorry you left us; we are ever so sad


J     Jolly sometimes, but unfortunately not too much

A     Always there though, to lend a hand

M    Mucking about with bikes on the land

E     Ever the joker, a good friend to all

S     So in our eyes, you will always stand tall


W     Why is a question, we may always ask

A     As we all put on our brave mask

L     Live on in our hearts, forever more

K     Kerri’s 2nd and Steve’s 1st son

E     Everlasting life has now begun

R     Rest In Peace and Eternal Happiness Tobe


Tobias James Walker

If only you could ask: “Aunty Pix…Can you please do my ears!!??”

Lots of love

Pix, Sambo, Katie Kate, Nana and Pa from above xxxxx



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