The Animals – Our Teachers

wolf butterfly

When we are connected with our hearts, we are connected with Inner Peace. And Inner Peace creates World Peace!

One of the most powerful ways to open/connect with your heart is to connect with an animal.

This can be done energetically, such as with a beloved animal companion who has passed; or with one of your Totem or Power Animals. Or, it can be on the physical plane; whether by cuddling with your fur-babies, connecting/playing with your feather- or scale-babies, walking and enjoying animals out in nature, or visiting these beloved beauties in shelters, sanctuaries, aquariums and zoos.

If you can’t get out of the house and you do not have pets, you can also connect with the Animals by watching your favorite shows on Animal Planet, or animals clips on Youtube.

The Animals are here on earth to connect us with our personal power – and our power lies in living with open hearts.

Animals connect us with our self-love by teaching us how to love them – and through this powerful lesson we also learn how to love ourselves – and, therefore, how to love other humans – for we are ALL connected.

We are all mirrors of each other!

And, in this way, the Animals connect us to ONENESS and All That Is – for, All That Is, is LOVE.

How will YOU connect with an animal – and therefore your heart – and therefore Inner Peace – TODAY?

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