September Replays (2016)

Listen to the Replays from the #LoveandLightUnite Show on September 21st – International Day of Peace!

A beautiful Interview with Skye Dyer and song dedication to her dad Dr. Wayne Dyer Replay Page:
A wonderful Interview with Diane Ray of Hay House sharing about Louise Hay’s 90th birthday and lots of great shows on Hay House Radio:
Happiness Publishing Erica Glessing shares about so many ways to attract happiness and BE happy:

The Amazing Tina Valant shares about the Butterfly Effect, Photography, Being Kind, and so much more:


Tonya Melendez of Tarot Life Coach shares her wisdom and a beautiful Blessing Prayer:
Harold Beckler, Founder of the Love Foundation, shares about Unconditional Love effects and the amazing ripple effect #GlobalLoveDay has had on our world:
Robert Schonfeld, Founder of Global Moment Of Joy, shares a wonderful Joy Meditation and how over 150,000 people have already joined the Joy Revolution:
Cindy Kubica of Energized Living Today shares a magical energy healing session and the inspirational story behind her wonderful show with Farris Poole:
Kip Baldwin and Evan Hirsch of SOUL (Summer of Unconditional Love) share their AWESOME Vision and plans for Amazing Events of co-creation in 2017! You will feel so inspired after listening:
Tyhson Banighen of The Wellness Show (and so much more) shares amazing information:
The Beautiful Tina Louise Feldman Balodi of Prana Boosters shares uplifting and inspiring techniques for Peaceful Parenting:
BIG Thank you to everyone who participated!