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Here is a quote by the Dalai Lama:


He was obviously talking about Astra and Karen. Within minutes of closing my computer, following the broadcast of their recent Master Class, I sat down with my paints and art journal to connect to the message that was coming through.

The outpouring of synchronicities and magic from my last year of self-discovery was playing in sync with the heart-to-heart guidance of their broadcast….

My soul, intuition, heart, light that connects us all – whatever you call it – has always spoke to me though music & writing, and just recently though painting as a meditation practice.

Earlier that day, a couple of hours before their Master Class, I was working on a birthday card/collage for my Dad, and I cut out an image of Ganesha. It wasn’t part of my theme for the collage, so I decided to glue him to the cover of my art journal as my co-pilot….

Ah-ha! I had listened to my intuition, and then Karen told me why he showed up.

Daily the colors of gold/yellow, purple, and green show up in multiple combinations to keep me centered in self-love. As the broadcast of the Master Class was ending, Astra mentioned: “Make sure you fill your own cup first.” Ah-ha!

One of the clearest messages that consistently comes through for me is that we must trust the timing of our lives. Be PRESENT. The universe is lovingly surrounding us with clues, and we must be in the right space to receive them.

When we stay in the space with these beautiful, heart-centered and divinely driven women we get to collectively grow momentum for the global shift. 


Elissa Siferd



ElissaI am a woman in love with the Art of ‘PLAY’ and letting my LOVE guide me through my life experience. I do my best to remember that: ‘Love always trumps fear.’ I’ve grown up with a strong connection to my spirituality and have always taken comfort in the fact that I don’t need to have the answers to the big questions in life. I’ve always felt divinely supported, although I had never truly experienced the profound feeling of “it’s really going to be OK” until I connected with my whole heart and aligned with my soul. I channel that connection in the space of my creative heart. There, everything and anything is possible. I’ve been inspired to step up and be bold in places that, before the reintroduction to my creative heart, I wouldn’t have known the strength or had the confidence to act. Gratefully, I keep getting the message: “Everything is in perfect timing.” I know my heart’s mission is to share creativity as a bridge to connect with the answers that exist within all of us.


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