Most people today know that forgiving releases all kinds of pent up tension and strain from the body and the mind of the forgiver.

The amazing part is that you do not actually have to involve anyone in the physical process of forgiving. You don’t have to phone any one, you don’t have to sit them down and buy them a coffee. Forgiveness all comes down to you.


Here’s a way to do it:  

Say: “(Person’s name) I forgive you for____________.”  That’s where most people end, but there is more.

Now say: “(Your name) I forgive you for __________.”  This blank could be for your part in what you are forgiving the other person for, or just forgiving yourself for allowing it to happen because you didn’t know any better.

And there is more – Say: “I forgive all the bystanders and observers for not doing anything to help me.”


Did you do it? How did it feel? Did you feel the release?

There are many amazing things about this process. Not only do you release the other person and the people you subconsciously thought should help you, you released yourself. Remember that saying about people having so much emotional baggage? Well, I can actually see those emotions a person is hanging on to as shapes attached to their body. Emotional baggage is a real thing and when you release it you are actually letting go of things that you have been carrying around on your body. That’s why you feel lighter when you let things go.

There is another massive benefit of forgiving:

It has now been scientifically recorded that forgiving has the same effect on you as hours and even years of meditating .*


The result is that you move along your spiritual journey much faster. And if you are reading this I am pretty sure that is what you want.

So we see that forgiveness, in and of itself, puts you way ahead. When you add surrender into the mix it gets surreal. Surrender is simple and yet hardly anyone does it. There is a fear at play here. But first, what is surrender? Surrender is giving your thoughts and feelings to Source/Divine/God. Surrender is acknowledging your feelings and emotions as they come up, giving them to Divine, and observing the feeling of them in your body without judgement or attaching any words or meaning to them or acting on them, until they just run out and dissipate. Like forgiveness, this is a continuous process.

The fear that comes up in surrender is that we are giving up ourselves, that we will just be empty shells. That fear is the so called small self or ego wanting to retain control, wanting to claim responsibility for the good things and to blame elsewhere for the bad. There is a fear that you won’t be able to feel and that life will be dulled. The truth is the exact opposite. Life becomes richer, fuller, more meaningful, more precious, heightened. What actually happens is that you can enjoy life without the obsessive attachment and relentless fear. Nothing actually changes, you are living the same life, but you are now living it without blinders, without barriers, without fogginess. You see things, feel things, know things you never experienced before even though it was all right there in front of you.

For every negative emotion you surrender, hundreds – even thousands! – of relentless, nagging thoughts disappear from your head!


Now, imagine how good it would feel to be free from that endless parade of thoughts going around in your head that judge you and judge everything and everyone. It’s exhausting. By the end of the day it’s hard to see anything positive. It’s hard to find peace within yourself, let alone the world. These two simple things, forgiveness and surrender, can change that in very little time and with minimal effort on your part.

So what are your waiting for?  Give yourself peace first!




RoseAnn Janzen

Spiritual Alignment Facilitator

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300dpiRoseAnn Janzen is an Author, Intuitive, and Spiritual Alignment Facilitator who helps Highly Intuitive Business People embody their Divine Self so that they are operating from their highest place of Power, Peace and Impact in their life and work. She is a Psychic, Master Practitioner of NLP ™, and Member of IAPLC (International Association of Professional Life Coaches). She uses all her psychic abilities, professional training, Divine connection and her signature “Funnel Vision Method” to determine exactly what her clients need to take them to their next level, and to integrate that fully into their lives so they can experience living in true power. Sign up for her complimentary newsletter here:

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