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“A healthy mind is a healthy body”~ Juvenal, Roman Poet


The above quote is literally true; when your body is not healthy it is much harder to find peace of mind. Western medicine teaches us that we are fragmented and that our issues and ailments are separated and need to be treated specifically. Got diabetes? Take a medicine to balance your blood sugar. Can’t sleep? Take a sleeping pill. Feel anxious? Take anti-depressant drugs. This approach makes us feel disconnected from ourselves, disconnected from the world around us and not in control of our own health, happiness and peace of mind.


When you start looking at your body and yourself as part of a whole, you see that everything is connected. If your body is dis-eased, your mind won’t be at ease. When you care for yourself with nourishing foods and practices, your body radiates health and you feel balanced and joyful – and your mind feels more peaceful.


Here are some foods and practices that will help promote your peace of mind:

~ Cooked whole grains like quinoa, millet, oats and buckwheat help balance our blood sugar level, balance our energy and calm our emotions. They are high in fiber, complex carbs, protein and nutrients. Eat them in their WHOLE form and not in processed products to get the most benefits.

~ Root vegetables like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes and parsnips are grounding and centering. They are full of important nutrients and antioxidants, they are healing to our organs and they help reduce cravings for processed sweets. Eat them steamed, roasted or in soups.

~ Leafy green vegetables like kale, collard greens, spinach and arugula are uplifting and energizing. They are powerhouses of nutrients and help our immune system stay strong, they improve our mood and make us feel more joyful. Eat them raw in salad or lightly sauteed with oil and garlic.

~ Yoga is an excellent way of combining movement , breath and awareness to form a practice that helps calm our nervous system, create a strong and flexible body and train the mind to stay still and slow down.

~ Walks in nature help us connect with the world around us and expand our hearts and mind to the beauty that we are all a part of.


Ease into a healthy life by picking one of the above practices – and watch your mind become more peaceful!

Rachel KiefferRachel Kieffer is a holistic health coach who helps women fall in love with a healthy life through private consultations, workshops, support groups and online programs. Get her “Morning Health Goddess” guide to starting your day in a healthy way at www.healthnutgirl.com, and visit her on Facebook www.facebook.com/healthnutgirl.

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