The inspiration for this painting was the Magic & Miracles Webinar with Karen & Astra, and the Beatles song: “ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.”


The magic & miracles that flow through these divine women is the perfect place for finding your daily sweet spot. After listening to their broadcast I sat down with my paint & art journal to connect with the messages that keep leading me to the place where there is only Love & peace. The way in which their words came through felt like listening to a love song, with the melody leading us to the place where our spirits connect to the world.

Earlier that day, before I listened to their webinar, the number 8 showed up in my yoga practice – reminding me to stay present, and that 8 is the number of power and abundance. Ah-ha!! Astra spoke to us about the octopus and its 8 legs.

That afternoon while I was sitting by the water, a dragonfly landed landed on the arm of my chair. Her wings had shades of blue & green…Ah-ha! Karen’s dragonfly meditation….

While blending blue & green paint to create turquoise…Ah-ha! The turquoise dragonfly in Karen’s meditation is telling us to speak our truth and stop waiting for the perfect moment. We can choose to wrap our arms around the world and connect from our emotions; there we access the golden energy and clarity of 2016.

We must compassionately embrace our stories and be at peace in the quiet beauty that exists in Mother Nature. These moments are the daily magic guiding us to the place where there are no lines of separation.

There is only Love, Light and Peace. SELF-Love is where life begins.


~Elissa Siferd.




ElissaI am a woman in love with the Art of ‘PLAY’ and letting my LOVE guide me through my life experience. I do my best to remember that: ‘Love always trumps fear.’ I’ve grown up with a strong connection to my spirituality and have always taken comfort in the fact that I don’t need to have the answers to the big questions in life. I’ve always felt divinely supported, although I had never truly experienced the profound feeling of “it’s really going to be OK” until I connected with my whole heart and aligned with my soul. I channel that connection in the space of my creative heart. There, everything and anything is possible. I’ve been inspired to step up and be bold in places that, before the reintroduction to my creative heart, I wouldn’t have known the strength or had the confidence to act. Gratefully, I keep getting the message: “Everything is in perfect timing.” I know my heart’s mission is to share creativity as a bridge to connect with the answers that exist within all of us.

4 thoughts on “Dragonfly Painting and Inspiration – By Elissa Siferd

  1. I am so touched by this and I truly believe that self love begins the adventure we call epic living. I am honored and grateful to be on this journey with you. This is such a confirmation and I feel it real #Globalkindness #GlobalPeaceGoingViral #InnerPeace4WorldPeace THANK YOU!!!

    1. I so agree, Self-Love is the basis for all good to flow our way! LOVE! Thank you Elissa! 😀

  2. I have always been drawn to dragonflies. When I was very young and fishing in our pond, I was told it was good luck if they landed on your pole. And of course I have always loved the colors of your dragonfly. Perhaps deep down I believed in their inspiration and self love. But all too often I allowed it to be covered with the veil of doom and despair. However the dragonfly was always in my heart as the glimmer of hope and love.

    1. You can connect with Dragonfly to step into hope and love at any time, Deborah. <3 Thank you for your visit! Peace, Astra

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