Peace & Prosperity: A Spirit Animal Message from Honey Bee

By Christie Michelsen


“Bee Heart” watercolor by Christie Michelsen

Peace & Prosperity: A Spirit Animal Message from Honey Bee

Honey Bee spirit animal meaning: Cooperation, Teamwork, Communication, Industry, Productivity, Order, Abundance, Wealth, Selfless service, Devotion, Feminine power, Domesticity, Sweetness in life

Feeling busy? Have a bee in your bonnet to do something? Looking to create some buzz for your project? Bee spirit animal is likely to be hovering nearby! Bees are universally associated with work, as well as the fruits of labor. But if you listen, you may find they have some important things to tell us about peace as well.

Bees are definitely hardworking creatures. A hive of bees will visit 2 million flowers and fly over 55,000 miles to bring you a single pound of honey. But don’t be deceived. Typically, only 20% of a bee’s time is spent working. The rest of the time you will find them at rest or even asleep. If you look carefully, you might even find a forager bee taking a power nap in a flower. Bee teaches us to balance our work time with healthy rest and taking care of our physical needs. Are you feeling overly stressed? Take a cue from Bee and stop for a while to smell the flowers and taste the sweetness of life for a greater sense of inner peace.

Another great lesson from Bee is the power of cooperation. A beehive boasts nearly as many job descriptions as a large corporation. Worker bees perform many tasks over their 6-week life span, including but not limited to: cell cleaning, wax production, honeycomb building, pollen packing, feeding and grooming the queen, mortuary work, and foraging. However, they only focus on one task at a time – a super productivity tip that can help reduce stress levels in us humans as well.

Look at the difference, though, between a beehive and the typical large corporation. While each is concerned primarily with its own agenda and with massive productivity, the impact couldn’t be more different. Rather than poisoning the environment as a byproduct of its industry, the beehive actually provides incidental services (pollination) that support all life around it to an amazing degree – even while producing enough sweet honey to have and to share.

Honestly, there is no reason we humans can’t do the same. It’s a simple matter of giving priority to matters of the heart – a devotion to life – rather than allowing ego to take command. In the bee’s case, that means protecting and nurturing the egg-laying queen and her nursery. In the case of us humans, it’s looking out for Mother Earth and doing what is best for our children and the children of the future.  Once we start collectively taking this message of the Bee to heart, I predict the beginning of a new age of peace and prosperity for us all.


ChristieChristie Michelsen is an artist, author and shamanic life and business coach. She works closely with spirit animals, angels and other guides to help her clients realize inner peace, break free of creative blocks, manifest their purpose and realize right relationship with inner and outer Nature. Visit her online at

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  1. This just reached into my heart and soul and said a BIG Conscious YES!!! What a gift and beautiful messenger you are THANK YOU!!! I am really listening to this message it is a HUGE confirmation to me I am So Grateful #GlobalPeaceGoingViral

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