About Astra

Hi, I’m Astra! Universal Wisdom Leader, Shaman and Principal of the Shamanic Empowerment School.

I support messengers in stepping fully into your power so you can:
A) Be the best, most empowering Wisdom Leaders possible for your Tribes!
B) Live your happiest, healthiest and wealthiest lives!
C) Enjoy your most relaxed, super fun and fabulously abundant Wisdom Leader business platforms!

I work vibrationally on a soul level to help you create your abundance, happiness and success from within – for that’s where it all begins!

A big piece of my work here on Earth is to bring light to what once was heavy. To hold up a mirror for humans and say: “Look – you are funny! See how funny and fun life is! All that stuff that has you bound up – let it go! Let your Self flow!”

I communicate with energy – and since EVERYTHING is energy, I can communicate with ANYTHING!

Fun fact: I am one of the only people I know whose heart has been healed by an Alligator.

I am a singer. I love to sing, play with my animal babies (of which I currently have six – 2 cats, 2 Boston Terriers, a lizard and a guinea pig) – and also I love to create magical vegetarian concoctions!

My favorite feeling is LOVE. So it is lucky for me that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS LOVE! 🙂 To quote the Beatles (3 times):

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

“All you need is love.”

“All together now!”


As result of connecting with me, I wish for you to feel Empowered to live your life in a way that connects you to your abundance. You CAN do it and you DO deserve it! We all do!


If I could impart just one message to you it would be this:
Empowerment – Vitality, happiness, abundance, peace and freedom –
is the natural state of being for humans.


Find out more about Astra here: www.shamanicempowermentschool.com