About Astra

Hi, I’m Astra!

I am Principal of the Astra Sings: SCHOOL OF EMPOWERMENT – Coming February 1st!

I work vibrationally on a soul level to help you create your abundance, happiness and success from within – for that’s where it all begins!

A big piece of my work here on Earth is to bring light to what once was heavy. To hold up a mirror for humans and say: “Look – you are funny! See how funny and fun life is! All that stuff that has you bound up – let it go! Let your Self flow!”

I communicate with energy – and since EVERYTHING is energy, I can communicate with ANYTHING!

Fun fact: I am one of the only people I know whose heart has been healed by an Alligator.

I am a singer. I love to sing, play with my animal babies (of which I currently have six – 2 cats, 2 Boston Terriers, a lizard and a guinea pig) – and also I love to create magical vegetarian concoctions!

My favorite feeling is LOVE. So it is lucky for me that EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE IS LOVE! 🙂 To quote the Beatles (3 times):

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.”

“All you need is love.”

“All together now!”


As result of connecting with me, I wish for you to feel Empowered to live your life in a way that connects you to your abundance. You CAN do it and you DO deserve it! We all do!


If I could impart just one message to you it would be this:
Empowerment – Vitality, happiness, abundance, peace and freedom –
is the natural state of being for humans.


Find out more about Astra here: www.astrasings.com